Terms and Conditions for Parade Applications

The Parade Registration Forms are as Follows:

Link:  Community Float Application
Link:   Non-Profit Group, Car Club or Individual Car Owners, Performer/Entertainer (Indivual or group)
Link:   School/Academic Band-Drill-Flag Application
Link:  Equestrian or Animal Group
Link:  Commercial Unit Representing a Business

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions found in this webpage on each applicaion. Please read them carefully.

Selah Community Days Parade "Kickin' It Up"

Saturday, May 20, 2017 10:00 am

MAY 13TH 2017




Arrival time, safety requirements and additional lineup information will be sent in a separate
packet upon acceptance.
Selah Community Days – Parade Committee
PO Box 783
Selah, WA 98942
e-mail to: parade@selahdays.org

(You don't have to mail your application if you're applying online.
Proof of insuranve can be dropped off, mailed or emailed)




Application Checklist – for you to keep


  • Group Insurance: A certificate of liability showing your group policy limits. Entry Name MUST be referenced on the Policy (handwritten at the top is fine).
  • Vehicle Insurance: The Declarations page, from your Insurance Policy, showing your Limits of Liability. Entry Name MUST be referenced on the Policy (handwritten at the top is fine).




**Insurance Cards NOT accepted**


If your insurance policy hasn’t renewed yet, but will before the Parade date, please provide renewal date.

We will expect insurance information immediately upon renewal.






  • FEES must be submitted with the application. Entries canceling after May 3rd may not receive a refund. Entry fees will be returned if application is not accepted.
  • $100 Political Entry: Any individual or group that displays, hands out, or speaks about Political issues/campaigns, including any political party, individual running for office, or ballot issues.
  • $100 Non-Selah Commercial Entry: Any entry that’s promoting a business or activity that is carried on for profit.
  • $75 Selah Commercial Entry Fee is waived for official sponsors/donors to Selah Community Days NO FEE for school clubs, activities or non-profit organizations & community groups.






ALL ENTRIES, must provide evidence of insurance for bodily injury and property damage with a combined single limit of $200,000 or split limits of $150,000 each person and $400,000 each occurrence bodily injury liability and $100,000 property damage liability. The certificate of insurance must be provided with, Selah Community Days Association, City of Selah named as additional insured. The Certificate of Insurance can be mailed to PO Box 783, Selah WA 98942 or emailed to parade@selahdays.org directly from your Insurance Company and must be received before your application can be accepted.


1. All entries are by invitation only and must be pre-registered. If you show up on the day of the Parade you may not get in; you will not be announced and you may have to pay a $50 additional late entry fee. Parade application does not guarantee participation.


2. Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow all instructions from Police or Parade Officials. The Selah Community Days Association and the Parade Committee reserves the right to remove any entrant from the parade either prior to assembly, at assembly or at any time during the parade. No one may participate in any manner deemed to be unsafe or not conforming to standards of reasonable community taste and decency. Entries that do not fully comply will jeopardize future invitations to the Selah Days Parade.


3. Any entrant advocating, opposing or depicting any social or religious issues are subject to approval of the Selah Community Association Parade Committee.


4. If the American Flag is visible on your entry – it must be displayed properly; it must be larger & above any other Country’s flag. No other flag should be place to the right of the American Flag.


5. Entries (excluding Bands) wishing to be judged must be in the staging area on N. Wenas by 8am (see map). The judges start at the front of the parade and move to the end! They only have time to go through the entries one time. Bands must check in no later than 9:00am! Bands are judged during the parade as they pass by the announcer stand! Band Directors; please have the bus pull into the Save-On Foods Parking lot before checking in at the table. Buses will then go to the end of the parade route for pick up.


6. Applications received after May 13th, may not be eligible for judging or awards and entries will, in most cases, be put at the back of the parade.


7. Parade participants may not mingle with or accost parade spectators. Participants may not jump off of and back onto a moving vehicle in the parade. No one is allowed to ride on the running boards, hood, roof or vehicle fenders.


8. No water, or other material spraying device (confetti guns, etc) is permitted in the parade, except with permission of the Selah Community Days Association Parade Committee.


9. Alcoholic beverages or any other illegal substances are strictly forbidden by any parade participant. No profanity is allowed along the parade route or within the assembly areas.


10. No material (candy, literature, products, etc.) may be thrown along the parade route!!! Walkers may hand out pre-approved items directly to parade spectators.


11. Only forward movement maneuvers are permitted along the parade route without prior approval. Maintain a spacing of 2 vehicles (about 30 feet) between each entry but no more. All units are required to open or close the gap between units when asked to do so by parade officials.


12. All equestrian or other live animals units must provide their own cleanup crew. The Crews must pick up droppings in the staging/de-staging area as well as along the Parade route! An award will be presented in this division.


13. Entries with children under age 16 must provide parents or other adult chaperone to supervise. Entry of participants under 13 years of age must be pre-approved by the Parade committee.


14. Walkers with bands, floats, etc. should wear appropriate clothing – matching school colors or float colors. Cell phones are prohibited along the parade route. Adults may use them in an emergency only.







1. Floats are not to exceed 13 ½ feet in height (due to street lights hanging down over the intersections), 16 feet wide or 60 feet long.
2. If in view, drivers must be appropriately attired. Drivers must remain with their float from the time of judging until the parade is dispersed, and the float is in the designated loading area.
3. All participants riding on floats must have a slide-in body support or an approved automotive safety belt, or have handholds while the float is moving. Safety belts must be worn on the outside of garments.



1. Bands will be judged during the parade route.
2. All marching units must be in full uniform. Chaperones must be in school colors or dressed accordingly.
3. There will be an inspection of all units in the Staging Area as part of the judging procedure.



1. No Stallions.
2. Each rider or group must provide his/her own cleanup unit. Any unit or group without a cleanup unit will not be allowed on the parade route. Cleanup unit is required.
3. Only one rider per horse allowed.
4. Any rider showing inability to control his/her animal will be deemed unsafe at Parade Marshal’s/Official discretion and will be removed from the Parade.



1. Entries are not to exceed 13 ½ feet in height (due to street lights hanging down over intersections) or 16 feet in width. Maximum length will be 60 feet per entry, and clearance to the ground from the frame will be a minimum of 8 inches. Additional footage requires the approval of the Parade Committee.
2. Any entry, on parade day, that does not match with the description and sketch or photograph according to their application, MAY NOT be allowed down the parade route. Any changes must be approved by the Parade Committee PRIOR to parade day. Photographs and detailed description of entry must accompany all applications for participation.
3. Each specialty entry featuring classic or unique vehicles is limited to 20 vehicles, unless approved by the Parade Committee. Each vehicle should be listed on the application. Multiple entries are OK, with Board approval.


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